Monday, October 31, 2011

Remix Theory

Midterms are over and my mind has been on overload. The great thing is, I feel like I'm back in the world of design and I love it. And the truth is, studying to get a Master's degree makes you a little bit of intellectual...especially when it comes to design. So, I've decided I need to start sharing all the amazing innovations, people, projects, and theories that I been learning these past couple of months with the blogosphere. Chapter 1: The Remix Theory. Heard of Girl Talk? If you have, you are awesome. If you haven't, go check him out. The kid is a genius and you can download all his albums for free, here. He best represents the theory of Remix and demonstrates how ridiculous the rules of copyright can be. Girl Talk concerts basically consists of him remixing on his computer with a million people dancing around him. You can get bet if he comes to Chicago, I'm so in. Remix theory is basically taking samples from pre-existing material to combine them in new forms according to personal taste. The music industry has been sampling songs for years and now it's the design worlds turn. In order to move forward with innovative design and modern technology, design should be remixed. Take a old piece of furniture and turn it into your own creation. Think in terms of modern day, not the past. Isn't that was interior design is? Want to learn more? Download (for free or a donation if you wish) this documentary (RIP: A Remix Manifesto) on Remix theory and check it out. It's everything that remix is, features Girl Talk and shows the evolution of copyright. We had do a "remix" of the video for class. First time I ever remixed a film, pretty amazing. Happy remixing!

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