Sunday, August 14, 2011

Living Room Creations

Well, only two more post left to go of my apartment design. Can I tell you a secret? I'm already moved out! I of course thought I would have the time to get all the posts done before move day but time got the best of me and things had to get packed. So, here's a little look at my living room. All that is left now is the bare hardwood floors..did I mention I love hardwoods?

[The living room. A mix of furnishings from here and there to create a modern mod-theme using curvilinear shapes and patterns. The whole room came together quite nice with our Madison poster and our recovered coffee tables]

[We used a picture collage to break up the huge wall in the living room. Most of the frames we already had and I choose to do all black/white with one color in the middle. The mod looking chairs on the right were taken from a hospital clear-out sale. I love the look of them even though the fabric isn't my favorite. Someday I hope to recover them and add more cushion.]

[Local Madison artist Tom Morrison is the creator of these awesome posters that I had seen around town for years now. I knew I just had to get one for this apartment. I loved the coloration and vintage feel to the lake one and it fit perfectly with the our curtain fabric. And once again we have more furnishings from IKEA. And what would the living room be without a guitar?]

Watch for a post later this week for my FAVORITE DIY of the apartment. The best is yet to come.

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