Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hardwood Flooring and Hotel Breakers

I love a beautiful hardwood flooring. Really, I love a beautiful OLD hardwood floor. On a recent family vacation to Ohio, it is tradition that we visit Cedar Point. It is also tradition that we stay at the park's historic Hotel Breakers, built in 1905. I will admit that my family and I love the hotel because of its early pass into the amusement park, however, I'm a sucker for its history. My absolute favorite spot of the hotel is the Rotunda. It's design style reminds me something I would hope to see on board of the Titanic: a place to socialize, drink tea, or coffee (in my case). While I doubt this was the original floor, I still love the striping of the floor boards; the effect that it gives is timeless. Sadly, this place was once an Ohio historical landmark. But, because of all the remodels, the building no longer has the historic integrity it once had and the recognition has been taken away. If it were up to me, the place would look a lot different and lot more true to the original design *sigh*