Monday, May 16, 2011

May Flowers

Having fresh flowers around my apartment is an absolute must. I always grab a big enough bunch from the farmer's market, florist or grocery store to split between the kitchen and my bedroom. Fresh flowers make me smile, especially daisies. Maybe it's because they seem to last the longest. (two weeks!) Earlier on last fall I found this old green canning jar at St. Vinnie's for $3 that I couldn't resist buying, turns out it also makes the perfect flower vase.

The jar reads "Grandma Wheaton's Old Fashioned Receipts." After a little searching on the internet it was made by Wheaton Glass Co from Millville, New Jersey and runs anywhere from $12-$70 online. The company starting producing reproductions in the 1960's of their original jars from the late 1800's with the stamp Wheaton NJ on the bottom. And what do you know, mine has the same stamp! Despite being a reproduction and missing the original lid, I can't beat the price of $3 for a antique-ish vase that perfectly compliments any flowers I put in it!


  1. I think I love the funky print on the mat (tray?) underneath as much as I love the story about your st. vinnie's find. the round silhouetted shapes remind me of snowflakes, but the green color is like fresh leaves-summer snowflakes! gorgeous tone and light in the photo, too. whatever you did with the resolution makes it look almost like a painting:) nice job!

  2. Thanks KB! I love the placemats too, they were a find from Target (on sale!)