Thursday, July 22, 2010

Go put your record on.

Some of the best pieces of furniture I have ever gotten have been from my Nana. I appreciate design from different decades and I love finding new ways to make them work in my designs today. When I left for college, both my parents and my Nana moved and built houses next to each other near Milwaukee. This meant two things: I still got to have/design my own room and I also helped my Nana sort through all of the things that had been in her basement at her old house. And so, her old records surfaced and I practically took them all. Now I can't say that I ended up using all of them or that I didn't go rummaging at the local St. Vinnie's for more, but I found the design inspiration for my new (now old) room.

[This is a great way to show-off your favorite rock bands from the 80's, your vinyl Beatle's collection or, in my case, musicals! The frames I purchased on sale from Michael's and I mounted them above my bed to imitate a headboard.]


  1. Love it! So old-school but awesome :)

  2. i'm sure glad they don't sing me to sleep when i'm robbing your bed.

    that'd be creepy.

    if we get bored while we're at the reunion we should hit up a goodwill and do a DIY. i'm in the mood for some good ol' creativity.

    or maybe we should just hit up the goodwill no matter what to see if there's any cool grandma clothes.

    see you next week!