Sunday, July 11, 2010

And so it begins....

Welcome to my very first blog.
Being a post-grad interior design major, I of course finally have time to do fun crafting a blog to get my name out there or just simply because I love design and I love writing. Thus, a design blog seemed wildly appropriate! Since I was a freshman at UW-Madison, my design style changed almost every semester. From Pottery Barn, East Coast, Martha's Vineyard to sleek and modern Le Corbusier to timeless Frank Lloyd Wright to, well, you get the picture. It wasn't until I added the sustainability factor to my design that everything started coming together. Which leads me to where I am now: a design consultant on a post-grad income celebrating my new found passion of indie design while embracing a new sustainable culture. AKA, what can I do in my own design that re-uses furniture and vintage finds to create amazing spaces...on a budget. Of course that doesn't mean that you won't find posts from me about really blog-worthy products I fall in love with from Interior Design magazine (that is kind of a given with any design nut). Or no doubt there will be posts about delicious food I have tasted (I'm a Top Chef at heart), or places that I have visited, or random things I find, but I hope you stick around...or at least get a kick out of me trying to write a cool blog.


  1. I'm liking where this is going so far...

    Can't wait to see what you whip up, especially with this re-use/re-furbish/re-cycle mind set.

    Maybe some DIY's???


    Dirty Hair Halo

  2. Thank you!! Expect some amazing DIY when I move into my new apartment in August!

  3. good luck with the blogosphere. it's good to find some interior design creative outlets online. hope to see more!