Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In with the new

 New year, new resolutions, new shoes! I decided that my four year old charcoal Chucks had seen better days. They have traveled with me everywhere, including my study abroad in Italy, muddy tailgates in Madison and now to Chicago where I had been wearing them all fall without realizing how faded and beat up they were. Can you believe this is the same shoe?

All things aside, I'm taking this same "in with the new" philosophy for the new year, this spring semester, and inspiring posts for Green & Indie. It's going to be a crazy time but no worries I have new Chucks!


  1. oh, the grey chucks! a very fond farewell, old friends (confession: i still have my same navy ones, but i think i may have worn them less) have fun breaking in the new pair!