Sunday, February 27, 2011

Going down to Milwaukee.

What happens when you get Milwaukee Buck's tickets from Groupon and are trying to make the most of an hour and half drive down 94 more worthwhile because, sadly, you know the Buck's just aren't going to win? Take a brewery tour of course! And that is just what we (my boyfriend and I) did!

MillerCoors is officially my first brewery tour ever . The green nerd in me was very happy to hear all the great things they are doing to divert waste from landfills. They promote it as more of an environmental thing, but really, all parties involved are benefiting from it: MillerCoors saves money, there is less energy use, and more product is being recycled! And we got to see the old underground caves that Mr. Miller used to store all his beer back in the day. Pretty neat. But really, the best part was the free beer. We got sips of Miller Lite, MGD, and Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. Mmmmmmm

So, tour at MillerCoors, dinner at Buck Bradley's and surprise, the Buck's lost. Maybe next time, boys!

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